DEM Solutions

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Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Marine, Medical & Mining industries in Australia.


At DEM we have a wide range of CNC Machines as well as manual machines to assist with our quality products and service we offer to our Customers. We use the latest Cad Cam Software  on our CNC Machines to achieve required Tolerances stipulated as per drawings supplied by our customer.

We have the following machines at DEM Solutions:

Haas SL20 with Bar feed and automatic Tool Probing for production work with 50mm Spindle bore with a collet chuck system.

Haas SL30 with Live Tooling and Tooling Probe with 10″Chuck and 75mm Spindle Bore with Bar Feeder.

DMG NLX2500/700 Dual Spindle Live tooling with Y Axis and Bar feeder 81mm Bore.

Doosan 400l CNC Lathe 181mm Spindle Bore 2m between centres can machine 630mm Diameter material.

Haas VF3 with 4th Axis with Reinshaw Probing System

Deckel 65V Mill 18000rpm

Cougar Lathe with 80mm Spindle Bore with 1500mm between centers 625mm swing with DRO

Macson manual lathe with 30″ 4 Jaw Chuck for our bigger components.

Samson 4AL Milling Machine 2 axis DRO.

CNC Wire Cutter for small jobs.


We can Provide further details of machine capacities if need be @