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Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Marine, Medical & Mining industries in Australia.


D.E.M Solutions Pty Ltd (D.E.M) hereby acknowledges and confirms that we have the capabilities of achieving the products illustrated below. At D.E.M we apply our extensive experience in the engineering and mining fields to produce a top quality product for our customers to aid them in their everyday challenges. We strongly focus and invest in our Cad Cam software to obtain the most effective products on the markets today, which allows us to be a more versatile and unique company.

In the Medical field we have been challenge in more ways than one in obtaining high end components in materials from Duplex Stainless , 6061 Aluminium, 316S,304s,303s, Brass, Copper, PVC , Acetal, Nylons and various other materials. We have the capabilities of continual 4th axis machining on our machines which expands our diversity in some of the components we manufacture currently. 

We have been in the medical machining side of components / products here in Australia for the last 10 years and still growing this side of the company as we also want to get into the super alloys such as Titanium and Inconel’s to expand our capabilities.

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